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Your Time!


Your Favorite Space!

Mini Personal Retreat! Meditation, Mantra, & Yoga Nidra Retreat!

Meditation, Mantra, & Yoga Nidra Retreat! At your pace, in your favorite space.

Mini Personal Retreat! Meditation, Mantra, & Yoga Nidra Retreat!
Mini Personal Retreat! Meditation, Mantra, & Yoga Nidra Retreat!

Time & Location

Your Time!

Your Favorite Space!

About the Event

4 Session Meditation Retreat.    Purchase Here

I'd love for you to join me for these inner practices that serve to stabilize, align in joy, and be in constant contact with Source.

This mini-retreat is filled with super accessible and rich meditation practices to elevate the living experience and I really hope will be a helpful healing salve to find a steady ground amidst a rapidly changing ecosystem.

This Inner Retreat can be taken over 2 days:

Day One: Module #1 in the morning & Module #2 in the afternoon or early evening.

Day Two: Module #3 in the morning & Module #3 in the afternoon or early evening.

Or, it can be taken over 4 days.

Day One: Module #1

Day Two: Module #2

Day Three: Module #3

Day Four: Module #4

Or 4 weeks!  

And again and again.  Personally these are practices I bring into my personal retreats and they always set me up for a more rich and engaged experience.

Each Module is 45-60 minutes and includes:

A video teaching on the focus of the meditation, and the intention of practicing in this particular rhythm. 

Pranayama (breath work), Mantra (Chanting) and a guided audio meditation with the focused practice.

Practices & teachings draw from yoga & meditation traditions, transpersonal and positive psychology, neuroscience, intuitive intelligence, and the wisdom field.  

$47 Lifetime Access

Take the meditations on the road, to the beach, or practice as your regular morning ritual .

6 Videos, Chant Sheets, Audio.  All downloadable and yours to keep!

Purchase Here

Module 1: Building the Bhav: Nurturing the Natural Compassionate-Feel Good-Heart Centered Fountain of Bliss.

Module 2: Light up the Grid: Light body-Light Mind Activation.  Visualization and Chakra Body Regeneration 

Module 3:  Spaciousness, Emptiness, & Fullness: Relaxing into the Wisdom Feld of Infinite Potentiality. 

Module 4:  Yoga Nidra: Conscious Sleep + Consciousness in Waking, Dreaming & Spaces In Between 

Each module includes a Chant Sheet, a 10-15 minute video with a teaching on each style of meditation and a 5-10 minute preparation practice session to support the meditation, including mantra, pranayama, and kriya.

Recommended Pre-Mini Retreat Preparations:

  • Have tour favorite nourishing foods and teas on hand and ready.
  • Brief your family that you’ll be unavailable.
  • Take epsom salt baths.
  • Have art supplies out.
  • Journal (I recommend free writing after each meditation).
  • Meditation Cushion.
  • Clean Space.
  • Beeswax Candles.
  • Essential Oils to suit your mood.
  • Warm blanket.
  • Consider something you want to invite into your life. An intention. We’ll build toward an intelligently formed intention that can have a big, long term, positive effect on your life.

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