4 Module Meditation Retreat.


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I cannot wait to share this super accessible, practical guide to living as a Modern Mystic!!  We’ll practice bite sized tools and techniques honoring the sacred in everyday living. 

This teaching platform is a culmination of thousands of hours, training programs, degrees, guided and solo journeys, and a deep love for Living the Magic of the Mystery.

I’ve been working away at bringing together both modern & ancient technologies of coming into right relationship with the subtle and practical to support living with both depth and real joy and peace.  This is a culmination of years of learning from a rich lineage of teachers: Shamans, Seers, Visionaries, Meditators, Psychologists, Energy Workers, & Scholars.  We'll step into alignment with the Creative Flow of the Universe and root into what's most meaningful for our personal practices of Living Awake.

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For many years now I’ve been living with the rhythms of the moon and while it’s challenging to put the experience into words I can simply say, my life feels more lived.  I feel far more connected to the dynamic creative flow Life and the blessings of the subtle.  The moon circles I’ve been holding are an honoring of these universal rhythms and pulsate with teachings of bringing the Mystery & the Manifest into divine harmony.  

What’s unique about these moon circles is that we also utilize, Shadow Work, Positive Psychology, Spiritual Hygiene Practices, Meditation, Animal & Plant Spirit Medicine, Shamanic Journey Work, & Group Processing to guide us along this illuminated path.

*Next circle begins March 2020!! 

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We all have a vast inner sanctuary, which if accessed regularly keeps us aligned with our soul’s purpose, our north star. 

Ceremony & Ritual helps us create well lit pathways to commune with the sacred as a guide to navigating through the necessary healing, growth, and expression for the highest good of all Life.  Engaging in ceremony & ritual communicates to Universe~Mystery~Divine~God~Source that we are awake to the whole experience of living and asserts a deep trust in the benevolent support that rests in the unseen.  It’s the way to assert our gratitude, deep respect, and honor for that which often cannot always be seen but can always be felt as support.

These practices serve to make and hold space for clearly aligning our words, thoughts, and actions with our heart’s prayers, opening up a much more clear pathway for spirit allies and heart guides to work through.

I love to share ceremony & ritual gatherings around the cycles of the moon, the passages of seasons, life transitions, universal shifts in energetic flow, and especially to get to the heart of each person’s unique Soul Print.

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The root of positive psychology is exploring what is working and growing from that place.  There are a four basic introductions to the practice: Define what success means to us personally at a deep heart level. Identify our strengths and draw from those to uplift the places that are ripe for growth and learning. Practice presence with what is true beyond fear and doubt. Rise to the challenge of learning, growing, clearing, and creating what is being called forth.


Why I think Positive Psychology and Shadow Work are such powerful companions is this: Shadow work is often challenging.  Its energy pulls us down, weighing on our psyche and soul. Drawing shadow pieces up and out of the depths to look at it, feel it, and understand it, is no easy feat!  So if we want to liberate ourselves from what lurks in the shadows, we need to start on steady ground.  I have found building up the foundation of a beautifully mapped mind (meditation & positive psychology) to be the greatest support in meeting challenges, relieving fear amongst the fast moving parts of transformation, and maintaining a deep trust in Mystery as we do real and meaningful healing work.

These are both roots of my practice and teaching.

Energy healing sessions take many forms utilizing the medicine of sound vibration, journey work, heart journeying, and reiki.  The intake form before we meet is wonderful for me, but is most important for you to go deeper into your process.  


Mentorship is for yoga teachers, students learning shamanic practices; spiritual hygiene, the intricacies and applications for meditation, journeying, and visioning, creating ceremony & ritual to do personal process work or learning how to hold for your communities.


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Until then, from here to there and everywhere, wishing you so much love AllWays.

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