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Earth Based Shamanic Practices.   Yoga, Meditation, & Yoga Nidra.   Moon Circles.

Bachelor's & Masters in Psychology.   Shadow Work + Positive Psychology.  Half-time Homeschooling Mama of 3.


Wishing we meet from the most true, divine, benevolent inner spark of being.  The beautiful place where we are perfect, unique, reflections of peace, love, and deep and pure connection to the light of the universe. 


From this place in me, to this place in you, I am so very pleased to meet you.



From a very young age, I spent much of my time turned inward.  Having such a strong draw toward accessing stillness nudged me into the depths of the living experience. What I found was an amazing and vast inner sanctuary in which I could access deep source and hear the call of my own purpose and I began to develop an evolving navigational system of the inside world.

What I most hope to bring through my work, is a safe container to explore these deep realms of the soul. To offer a hand in helping you to access your own beautiful inner sanctuary.  We all have allies of support and wisdom that we can only access by spending the time going inward. My purpose is to help you attune and engage with yours.

Whether it's through ceremony, ritual, shamanic journeying, sacred visioning, meditations or yoga nidra,

the teachings stream through the collective field of Loving Presence, Nature, and The Sacred.

In a physical class, I love to flow consciously and creatively, honoring the physical form by igniting the formless.  I have a sweet spot for working hard, but doing so mindfully, with steadiness and a light heart.  By integrating teachings of energetic anatomy, alignment of physical body, & attunements to nature, we work together to access personal empowerment with spiritual practices and practical tools to live fully, wholly, integrated.  

I am a lifetime learner.  I am full of gratitude for having had the great privilege of studying extensively for thousands of hours over the last 24 years with a diverse group of teachers & healers that have so skillfully and artfully distilled the ancient teachings of yoga, meditation, psychology and shamanism, inspiring and guiding me on this path of Spirit led healing and growth.  


I am a certified Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Holistic Health Psychology from Bastyr University and a Master’s Degree in Integrative Studies in Psychology from Antioch University.  I've been teaching yoga & meditation for over 20 years, and am a certified Yoga Nidra practitioner as well as a Certified Meditation Teacher.  I love this path.  I'd love to connect with you somewhere along the way.

May you be healed.  May you thrive.  May you be the most vibrant loving expression of yourself!

If you'd like to connect 1:1, check in  here.

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