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One:One Sessions

Working one on one is one of my favorite ways to connect deeply.  It's a place where psychology, shamanic practice, insight meditation, and visualization come together in a unique way that serves healing, growth, and transformation.


I am currently only seeing clients via Zoom. Please let me know if you prefer "Private Mentorship & Discovery" or "Shadow & Light" (not necessary if we've been working together for some time).  Both sessions are very similar in their practical nature, but each will help me get a sense of direction as we work together.

For the Heart Medicine Journey, I am in the process of building a new Heart Medicine Temple and will let you know as soon as it's ready.

Also, you might notice I needed to up my prices a small bit.  This will help cover my much needed office space with solid internet--a novel term here in Costa Rica!


But, I’m also adding an extra offering and added time to our space.

What so many folks have said at the end of our sessions is “I wish that could have been recorded.”

Each session is unique for each person, but they generally end with a very personalized meditation and visualization that springs forth from our session and process work.  I will send the audio recording to you after our session and hope it brings you continued healing and support.

We’ll most often dig into the shadow patterning, but we’ll always complete with a transmuting to light process.  This is the portion where I’ll be sure to press record and send you the audio after our session.

 These sorts of meditations can be extremely potent and helpful as they’re coming from your unique blueprint.


Currently work days in my private office are changing, so please email me and I'll send you a list of times available.  Because they’re very limited hours and my office space is paid for by the hour in advance,  I’m asking for at least 24-48 hours cancellation notice.  Please and thank you.

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