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One Giant Leap

Updated: Feb 3, 2018

When Mantra Magazine asked my husband and I what our biggest life lesson was, here’s what we said:

“With each major initiation together, our two children, our restaurant, our yoga studio, and our farm, we’ve learned, first, to deeply listen to the wisdom of the heart. When you align with that great purpose, inspiration naturally arises; you transcend the limitations of the mind and then take the giant leap, trusting that where you land is the loving gift of the Mystery.”

That was just before we took another epic leap and left our restaurant, yoga studio, and community in Seattle, our farm in Monroe, and headed east to Leavenworth for a whole new adventure.

Luckily, the symbiotic relationship between inspiration and courage to move through new spaces, can be pretty intoxicating in the beginning. That's good motivation. But all journeys have a rhythm, whether climbing a mountain, being present in relationships, moving your family, opening or closing a business, making breakthroughs in the spiritual practice, or changing all of it at once. After the initial inspiration wears off a bit, we might see doubt and fear creeping in.

But, if we dip into the wellspring of faith, hopefully we can generate the inner strength to dig in and continue moving through perceived limitations enough to allow the truest essence of a vision to take its own unique shape. This is where there practice of positive psychology is so helpful in creating a strong foundation to draw from when it’s most needed.

What I’ve learned:

My life right now doesn't look at all what I thought it would when we moved to Leavenworth. I suspect it never will! And it’s just beautiful this way. The rhythmic nature of this journey sweetens my soul in ways I could never imagine when I dance with it. The challenge of staying open to the unexpected inspires me to take opportunities in Life’s flow to say yes to new possibilities I may not if I were to be attached to the outcome.

I find the more I move and breathe with openness, and continue the cultivation of compassionate discipline, synchronicities pop up like wild flowers, revealing light spots in the Web to take pause and gather insights on how to Be with all these fast moving parts.

What I can offer for taking the leap:

Cut away the necessary energy depleters first—the path will become more clear.

Meditate—find space to be still—guidance with arise.

Trust in the divine unfolding of the Mystery—we can’t sustain ourselves for long without trust.

Stay open to the messages around you—especially with fresh eyes that are open to new experiences.

Be unattached to the outcome—do something because you can’t bear not to, not because of what you expect to get out of your actions.

Practice gratitude often—Spirit loves to be in contact with this beautiful energy field.

Many thanks for stopping by. Wishing you faith, courage, and grace!

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