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Sat, Jun 20


Online Altar Space

Online Moon Circle!! (Sold Out)

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Online Moon Circle!! (Sold Out)
Online Moon Circle!! (Sold Out)

Time & Location

Jun 20, 2020, 11:30 PM – Jan 09, 2021, 2:00 PM

Online Altar Space

About the Event

 Women! Because our Online-Moon Circle Pop-Ups have been so lush and connective, after sitting with it (for a month!) and some sweet nudges, I’ve decided I’ll be holding the full 6 Module Series of Mystic Living Moon Circle as an Online Offering at the same rhythm as the Live Circles in Leavenworth. 

Note: They are 2 separate circles. Online Circle meets on Saturdays. Live Circle meets on Sundays.

We’ll be igniting the First Module over the Summer Solstice Weekend. June 20th  (Online!).

I plan to keep these on the smaller side so we can work as intimately as we do in the Live Circles.

Currently we are already ½ full, so please do reach out or register if you’re interested.

Location: Online

Dates & Times: June 20th-Jan 9th

All Saturdays  11:30am-2:00pm

Each Ceremony is followed by a 21-day practice to root the teachings in a way that’s meaningful to you.


**Each module includes ceremony, ritual, sacred song, process work, shamanic journeying, meditation, visioning, sharing and reflections practiced through the lens of a special focus to deepen the experience of healing, clarifying, releasing, transforming and empowering. 

After each circle we'll transition to a simple and super accessible 21 day practice, to continue laying the pathways for up-leveling the living experience. Depending on the module, you’ll receive a short email, audio, or video recording each Monday for 3 weeks post Moon Circle.

**I’ve tried to make them as affordable as I can. Each 2.5 hour Ceremony & Workshop and three weeks of either video, audio, or email support (depending on the module) for the 3 weeks following each gathering is just about $40 each. If that still feels out of reach, especially in relation to what’s happening in the moment, please connect with me. We can probably work something out.

I do have one work trade (general skills with Zoom are helpful). 

Please email me about that. 

**For those of you that have asked about Mystic Living School—this is it!! This is Session 1: Foundations. These first 6 modules lay the groundwork for deepened practices in the arts of the subtle and ceremony, ritual, and meditation facilitation.

Session 2: Deepening Your Personal Medicine, Spiritual & Energetic Hygeine, Ceremony, Ritual, Meditation Facilitation will be available January 2021.

See below for descriptions of each module.

Module #1  

The Meditation—3 Styles of Meditation: Spaciousness, Loving Kindness, Energetic Empowerments.

There are loads of current scientific research studies and literally thousands of years and millions of accounts of how meditation is a necessity for a full, joyful, alive experience of life.

Meditation is the gateway for clear seeing. For divine knowing. For creating more ease in body, mind, and spirit. For dissolving the ego and experiencing life through the field of Loving Awareness. In this circle, we’ll practice 3 ancient techniques with absolute modern relevance and choose a style that most speaks to you, to take into the 21 Day Sadhana.

**Also included: Ceremony, ritual, sacred song, process work, shamanic journeying, visioning, and sharing and reflections in relation to the meditation practices.

21 Day Sadhana—5 Minute Meditation with the style that speaks to you the most in circle. Recordings will be provided or feel free to use your favorites or practice sitting in silence for longer periods of time.

Saturday, June 20th, 11:30-2

Module #2

The Journey— The Three Sacred Journeys: Awaken the Vision, Live the Vision, Support Community Vision. 

**This practice is going to be so important post Covid-19 shelter in place.  Get ready for a ride here sisters!

Besides being an amazing tool that modern science has shown to boost the immune system, reduce anxiety and cortisol, and increase creativity, shamanic journeying is also one of the oldest known cross-cultural healing techniques and methods for quieting the thinking mind and opening up greater pathways for connecting to the Wisdom Field. In this circle, our central theme will be journeying for guidance for the coming year.  

**Also included: Ceremony, ritual, sacred song, process work, meditation, visioning, and sharing and reflections in relation to the journey work.

21 Day Sadhana-3 Journeys to hold the vision & a simple 3-minute journal practice each day. 

Saturday, July 25th, 2020 11:30-2

Module #3

The Vision—Clear In-Sight

In this module, we’ll practice the art of visioning from the access point of deep stillness, move through an authentic feeling space, and from there, generate high-quality emotion (joy, gratitude, contentment, healing, liberation, compassion, love, etc). This alchemical process helps to reshape our physical and energetic wiring so that we begin to magnetize and open our attention to synchronicities that align with our Heart & Soul Vision. This alignment sets us on the pathway to live our Soul Purpose with deeper integrity, clarity, and wisdom.

I highly recommend taking The Journey, The Meditation and The Vision together if at all possible. They are each informative and greatly experiential on their own but are an inner masterpiece when practiced together.

**Also included: Ceremony, ritual, sacred song, meditation, process work, shamanic journeying, sharing and reflections in relation to the visioning practices.

21 Day Sadhana: Recorded 10 minute skillful visioning practice, and/or suggestions for finding your own shorter or longer practices.

Saturday, September 12th, 2020 11:30-2 

Module #4

The Moon Rhythm—Encoded in the rhythms of the moon are deeply intelligent patterns and pathways that gently call us to listen and follow for the most beneficial utilization of our prana.

Riding these waves, these pathways, can be of great service to maintaining, moving, and regenerating a vibrant energy body.  

The exploration in this module will be first, on the specific energetic alignments and qualities of each cycle of the moon. Second, we’ll look at how to align your own personal life rhythms; your work, spiritual practice, play, close relationships, social time etc. within a linear/Western calendar for the optimum preservation of your energy. Bring your calendars!

If at all possible, I highly recommend taking The Moon Rhythm, The Shadow, & Bright Mind-Bright Heart together.

**Also Included: Ceremony, ritual, sacred song, process work, meditation, shamanic journeying, visioning, and sharing and reflections in relation to the moon cycle work.

21 Day Sadhana: Setting your calendar up for 3 moon cycles. 

Saturday, October 24th, 2020  11:30-2

Module # 5

The Shadow—Track your blind spots. Find freedom.

Shadow work is following the hardwired programming that continually produces unconscious conditioned responses, or the habitual actions or thought patterns that can greatly diminish the living experience of wholeness. With shadow work, we are shown how we become triggered into default spaces of shame, guilt, rage, envy, power hunger, hiding, hurt, disconnection, etc. 

We’ll explore samskaras, kleshas, addiction, and avoidance patterns, why the same issues keep coming up, and how to acknowledge the whole self.

Our first level of processing will be utilizing meditation and shamanic journeying to help identify and acknowledge these shadow patterns. Our second level of processing will be Shadow Tracking: a practice to kindly follow and tend the wounded, fragmented parts of ourselves, and finally to call our whole, perfect, and beautiful Being-ness into presence. Because we’re in a group setting, there will be several options of the depth you want to go. Based on our meditation and journey practice during the circle, you’ll be able to clearly choose the specific grip of conditioning you want to liberate yourself from.

21 Day Sadhana:Tend the wound, practice self-compassion, invite yourself home. 

Saturday, December 4th, 2020  11:30-2

Module #6

The Bright Mind. The Bright Heart: Positive Psychology 

Positive Psychology is so much more than positive thinking. It’s a full and powerful skill set to bring brain and body, thought and emotion into a more coherent, unified field. If the language of the brain (thought) and the language of the body (emotion) are not operating from the same lexicon, our communication with the Mystery—the quantum field of infinite potential—isn’t clear and we remain trapped in the subconscious programming. This programming, if set through trauma, fear, unconscious familial and societal norms, can weaken our power to create a life of vibrance, creativity, and abundance. In this gathering we’ll shine up, clear out, vision, activate, and move forward from a place of alignment and empowerment.

For this circle, our processing practices in positive psychology will help build focus around what is working well in the NOW to create a stable ground and generate a flow of abundance, we’ll get clear on what success means to you from a deep heart level, identify your strengths and how they can greatly support the places in your life that are ripe for growth, and how you can rise up to the call to fully embody your Soul Purpose.

Saturday January 9th, 2021  11:30-2


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