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Time is TBD


Zoom Altar

Women's Meditation Retreat. Live-Online.

Clear Mind. Blooming Heart. Energetic Upgrade. Soul Connection. Life Vision.

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Women's Meditation Retreat. Live-Online.
Women's Meditation Retreat. Live-Online.

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Zoom Altar

About the Event

Meditations | Shamanic Journeying | Sacred Visioning

In this live-online retreat, we’ll discover how to effectively and efficiently work with the 3 wisdom traditions of insight.

Emptiness Meditation (entering the fertile void for the most powerful attunement to the sacred feminine), Shamanic Journeying (the ancient art of drum/rhythm journeying to gather ancestral, animal, plant, elemental support and guidance) and Sacred Visioning (alchemizing natural elevated emotional states with Soul Purpose Visions) for the highest outcome for all of Life.

Alone, each of these practices are very useful tools to etch grooves into the limited reality of the western mind.

But, when practiced together, in a specific rhythm, with simple and crystal clear techniques natural to the cyclical intelligence of the feminine, the Sacred Triad is an absolute powerhouse of spiritual wisdom that strengthens our interconnectedness and harmony within the Web of Life. A pure and benevolent alchemizing of the Medicine of the Mystery begins to brew here.

To you, Beautiful Women Friends,

Wow, what a year! As you may have seen, this retreat was set to be in-person on beautiful land in Leavenworth, WA.  But as I continued to explore the resistance I was having to putting this in-person event out into the world (besides it quietly living here on my website) I got the very clear message that it is not yet time for us to come together in this way.

After that information showed itself it still took me nearly 3 months to come to a place that I was ready to share a live-online version of this offering in a way I was sure would be meaningful and rich and wouldn’t get lost in zoom burnout.

I’ve done plenty of classes, ceremonies, trainings, workshops and retreats online (both as a space holder and a participant) but because I only hold 1-2 live retreats a year, these are just so sacred to me so I couldn’t stomach it being a watered down version of the vision. I’m really committed to bringing an experience to my community that feels alive, and vibrating with the medicine needed for healing, growth, and up-leveling the living experience.

For the last weeks, I was honestly preparing to let it go completely. BUT, here we are.

It finally revealed itself, spontaneously.  I see it clearly now.  This is the only way I work these days.  If it isn’t coming from Clear Knowing, I can’t hold the container.  I’m so grateful because letting it go felt a little heart-breaking.

So, if you feel called, I’d love for you to join me for this super potent alignment of Dark Moon to Super New Moon to move through cleaning out, clarifying our life dream, and creating practical supports for living in alignment with our Soul Purpose.

The beauty of this being at home is that this Dark Moon-New Moon time can sometimes be a little intense.  Lots of release.  Often many women cycling through their own dark moon bleeding time. Sometimes more fatigue.  And so we get to rest in our own sacred nest and really feel into the practice of emptying ourselves to clear the way for something of beauty to emerge.

For this special weekend, we’ll anchor in the practices of Meditation, Shamanic Journeying, Positive Psychology, Shadow Work, and super potent Visualization Techniques to harmonize psyche and soma in a way that keeps up traveling the journey of the North Star Light with more power, ease, and grace!

We’ll get clear on how, when, and why to work with each specific practice, access deep stillness, intuition, personal guidance, and vision beauty into the manifest.

Schedule TBD

Also, Sunday the week before our retreat, I’ll send you a short video and checklists to make beautiful preparations for setting up your physical space, planning your daily rhythm outside of the live zoom time, journal practices, and super nourishing food and drink.

Tools of Empowerment:

Positive psychology & shadow work

Buddhist & contemporary meditation

Earth based wisdom traditions

Yoga sciences & yoga psychology

Mantra & mind mapping

Ceremony & ritual


Your house or special get-away place.

Space is limited (I still want our time to feel deeply connected so will be keeping the number of participants manageable for us to connect authentically).

Scholarships available. Email me if this would help you to access the nourishment you need. You are welcome at my Altar.

Things to note:

Email me with any questions

There will not be refunds available for this offering.

If you have the means, space, opportunity to stay somewhere with good internet, outside of your regular housing, I highly recommend it! If you are staying with your roommates, or family members, ask them for the gift of as much space as they have to give for the weekend. If they can leave the house, wonderful. If they can maintain calm, quiet communication, that will be so helpful.

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