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Ceremony & Ritual for Transitions

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

“Because we are not only a part of the earth, but of the cosmos, it is absolutely essential that we engage in ceremony & ritual on a regular basis to contribute to the harmonizing of ALL life in the cosmos.”Claude Poncelet-Physicist & Shamanic Practitioner

Spending a day in ceremony crafting earth medicine, weaving in hundreds of prayers, honoring the passage of a sweet one preparing to enter this world and the parents gracefully walking their parental right of passage to welcome him in beauty, while sharing sweetness & stories with the magnificent human with Barbara Ocskai of is such a precious salve for the soul. Working with her always leaves me brimming with gratitude for what has been, what is, and what is coming into being. Especially when the babies are making their way into humanity!

All sacred transitions deserve at least a moment of recognition. And the really important twists and turns call for more of a reverent pause, however it may look. Ceremony & Ritual always leaves me with the sense of wholeness and assurance that life is being lived fully and fulfills the draw toward communication with the Divine. Conversely, when there’s a lack of ceremony, I feel less engaged in life, more linear, and one dimensional. The harmonizing of ALL life in the cosmos, that Claude Poncelet speaks of in the quote above, comes alive in the magic of ceremony and ritual.

If you’re unsure of how to craft a ceremony that fully appreciates the specific transition you’re honoring, first and always first, consult your intuitive intelligence. If it’s hard to access the inner guidance try this:

  • Call in Sacred Space. This can be setting a simple circle by handing your apprehensions, worries, or wishes up to Spirit in a prayer basket.

  • Do what’s authentic. If you’re still unsure—simply state to yourself or out loud “the ceremony is now open.”

  • Sit in silence. I alway find tap rooting from stillness to be the most effective way to start a ceremony. It establishes a coherent field to work within.

  • Ask for guidance for honoring the energy you’re focusing on.

  • Say prayers or blessings. Thank Spirit for support and holding the circle.

  • Be clear to close your ceremony.

Even if you’re unsure, there’s a rootedness in the effort to take a wide lens approach to life, meaning, we engage in and honor the seen and the unseen.

Wishing the harmony of the unseen is alive and well for you!

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